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Cheryl Ladd

cheryl ladd golf picturesCheryl Ladd has been ubiquitous at celebrity golf tournaments for the last half-dozen years or so. When she first started playing on the Celebrity Golf Tour, she was often the only female participant. Since Cheryl became such a golf nut, other female celebs such as Catherine Bell and Jessica Alba have become golf nuts, too.

The photo at right is from a Travel + Leisure magazine article about Cheryl's golf jones. She was a 14-handicapper at the time the article appeared, carrying TaylorMade woods, Hogan irons and a Scotty Cameron putter.

Nick Faldo assessed her swing for the magazine, starting out this way:

Cheryl has an athletic posture, but she needs to perk her left side up a bit and soften the right side so her head gets behind the ball.

Nick, old chap, you've had some woman troubles in your time, and I think I might have spotted one reason why. Never - never - tell a woman, no matter her age, that any part of her needs to be "perked up."

For old "Charlie's Angels" fans, here's one of Cheryl's posters from that time period:

cheryl ladd bikini