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Bri Vega

Bri Vega in "Big Break 7" is the best thing to happen to the "Big Break" series since, well, Bri Vega in "Big Break 6." Bri was the winner of "Big Break 6," of course. And one of the things she earned by winning that competition is a full-time season on the Futures Tour in 2007, minus the headaches of finding money for travel expenses. Bri has played 35 events on the Futures Tour in the past with a high finish of fourth. Bri played collegiately at North Carolina State, where she was the team's 2-time MVP, and won the 2004 Massachusetts State Amateur before turning pro.

Nikki DiSanto

Nikki DiSanto was originally on "Big Break V" on The Golf Channel. Now she's back for the reunion show, "Big Break VII." Alas, no new swimsuit calendar is planned (and thank goodness, since jumbo-sized Mike Foster is also back ...)

Blair O'Neal

Here's another shot of Blair O'Neal, who we previously featured here . Her modeling career is taking off (she models under the name "Blair Alana"), but she's not listed among the golfers on the 2007 Futures Tour roster, so not too sure where her golf career is going. This image is from a calendar, as you can tell - the Golf Digest Japan calendar.

Kirsty Gallacher

To be frank, I have no idea if Kirsty Gallacher plays golf. But she's the daughter of British golfer and multiple Ryder Cup captain Bernard Gallacher, and that seems enough of a connection to justify (or at least rationalize) using her photo here. Kirsty is a television news personality in the U.K., and sometime model. Update: Yes, Kirsty plays golf! Has played since age 10 and plays frequently still today.

D'Rae Ward

This stylish young woman is D'Rae Ward, and doesn't she look great in black? Unfortunately, these days, D'Rae is - like many aspiring professional golfers - operating in the red. Which is to say, those expenses really pile up when you're out there chasing that little while ball around various pro golf tours. But D'Rae is taking a novel approach to raising funds for her 2007 season on the Futures Tour: she's auctioning sponsorship opportunities on eBay. There are more details at Waggle Room , or just head straight over to D'Rae's Web site for more info about her and her fundraising efforts. One thing to note about Ms. Ward is that she qualified for the LPGA Tour via Q-School last year on her first attempt. This is a golfer with serious game, one who has already won on a couple other mini-tours recently. She certainly has a great shot at getting back to the LPGA to stay.

Pretty In Pink

Paula Creamer opened the 2007 LPGA Tour season en fuego ... and I'm not just talking about her victory at the SBS Open . Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, knowwhatImean ... A big year for the Pink Panther ahead? Here at Golf Babes, we certainly hope so. Update: According to my stats report, someone found this site by searching the Web for the term "Paula Creamer booty." Hmm, wonder if this outfit had anything to do with that?

Paige Mackenzie

Not a bad start to Paige Mackenzie's LPGA Tour career. The rookie carded a 67 in her first round as Tour member to share the lead at the SBS Open with Paula Creamer and Sherri Steinhauer. Mackenzie is a University of Washington grad and was a member of the 2006 U.S. Curtis Cup team. She was an All-America selection at UW in 2005-06. Mackenzie played her way onto the LPGA Tour by finishing 15th at Q-School. Her brother Brock plays on the Nationwide Tour. Paige Mackenzie profile on

Paula Marti

Paula Marti was sort of a proto-Sandolo. One of the first European golfers from the Ladies European Tour to use modeling, in addition to golf, to break out to wider recognition. She was spicy and sexy, wearing bright, form-fitting golf ensembles, and it was Marti who helped make Oakley shades cool. Two big differences between Marti and Sophie Sandolo, however: Paula has a little more talent and shows a little less skin. She hasn't done a calendar yet, either ... but we can hope, yes? Paula is from Spain and in addition to her native Spanish also speaks Catalan, French and English (European golfers are often polyglots; in America these days, showing an interest in multiple languages might just get you called a terrorist sympathizer). She moved to the U.S. in high school to pursue golf, then played collegiately at the University of Florida. She's played on both the LPGA and LET, but sticks mostly to the LET these days. Paula Marti profile on LET Paula Marti Web site

Natalie Gulbis in "Golf For Women"

Golf For Women magazine has a looooong, but very interesting, article about Natalie Gulbis as a prelude to the beginning of the 2007 LPGA season. It includes the photos here, including the one above that I believe is a look we've not seen from Natalie before. Go read the article .

Cheryl Ladd

Cheryl Ladd has been ubiquitous at celebrity golf tournaments for the last half-dozen years or so. When she first started playing on the Celebrity Golf Tour, she was often the only female participant. Since Cheryl became such a golf nut, other female celebs such as Catherine Bell and Jessica Alba have become golf nuts, too. The photo at right is from a Travel + Leisure magazine article about Cheryl's golf jones. She was a 14-handicapper at the time the article appeared, carrying TaylorMade woods, Hogan irons and a Scotty Cameron putter. Nick Faldo assessed her swing for the magazine, starting out this way: Cheryl has an athletic posture, but she needs to perk her left side up a bit and soften the right side so her head gets behind the ball. Nick, old chap, you've had some woman troubles in your time, and I think I might have spotted one reason why. Never - never - tell a woman, no matter her age, that any part of her needs to be "perked up." For old "Charlie

Poker Night with Cristie Kerr

Here is Cristie Kerr at a charitable function she organized through her Birdies for Breast Cancer organization. The event took place two weeks ago at the Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale at Troon North and was called the "Cristie Kerr Birdies for Breast Cancer Charity Poker Night." The event raised $140,000 for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and the research center at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Ariz. Cristie's Birdies for Breast Cancer program raises money throughout the year - $50 for every birdie and eagle Cristie makes on tour.

Venus Williams

Venus Williams? What's she doing on Golf Babes? Doesn't she belong at Tennis Babes ? Well, yes, but now she's got dual citizenship. As The Golf Girl reported , Venus Williams and Hank Kuehne are a couple. (Finally, someone with longer legs than Michelle Wie ...)

Lotta Wahlin

In a previous post about Lotta Wahlin, I wrote, "in this image, she might well be the definition of 'natural beauty.' " Based on this new photo, there's no reason to change that assessment. Lotta Wahlin LET profile Lotta Wahlin Web site

While We're On the Subject ...

... of Golf Babes and the animals they love, here's Minea Blomqvist and a cuddly koala: That koala appears to be getting a little frisky. More Minea Blomqvist pics

Kelly Tilghman

How do you think Kelly Tilghman has done so far as lead announced for The Golf Channel's PGA Tour coverage? I must admit that I've never been a fan of Kelly's work on studio shows. But I think she's doing a good job on the tournament broadcasts. She's not going to be a Hall-of-Fame announcer; she's no Pat Summerall. But I find her straightforward approach a good counter to those announcers who treat golf as a magical, mystical, quasi-religious experience. Here's the original post on Waggle Room from where I stole ... um, I mean borrowed ... the photo. (Photo by Bret Douglas)

Annika Sorenstam

You look great, Annika. And if this is what a trip to Canyon Ranch can do for a person, sign me up! I need all the help I can get.

Not to Be Outdone by Natalie ...

... here's Cristie Kerr and her puppy, Bailey: I find this image to be cuter than the ones of Natalie Gulbis and the seal because of two things: I think Cristie is cuter than Natalie. I think a shar-pei is cuter than a seal. But that's just me.

Gotta Be the Shoes

I'm not convinced that having Anna Rawson model your shoes is that great an idea. Because, really, if your shoes are on Anna, who's going to notice them? Anna herself overwhelms any other scenery that might be around. Anna is the face (or should that be the sole?) of the 2007 Women's Collection from Ecco Golf.

Knee Socks

Paula Creamer busts out the knee socks look: