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Blair O'Neal

blair oneal - blair alana
This is Blair O'Neal, who played college golf at Arizona State University and has gone on to play professionally on the Futures Tour and elsewhere. She's also gone on to quite a successful modeling career, where she goes by her first and middle names, Blair Alana.

In fact, her modeling career has likely eclipsed her golf career - on her myspace profile, she lists "model" ahead of "professional golfer" in the "Career" category.

But looking at her Futures Tour bio, her numbers show plenty of on-course potential. In 2005, she made 5 of 9 cuts with scoring average of 74.78; in 2006 she made 4 of 6 cuts with a scoring average of 74.81. Those are actually pretty good numbers for the Futures Tour - much better than you see for many other part-time players. Makes me think if she played full-time and committed fully to golf, she'd have a good shot at improving those numbers.

But, given the money available on the Futures Tour and other developmental, regional and overseas tours in women's golf, it's a good bet she's making more money modeling. She's done print work, runway modeling and even a little acting. And she's been featured twice in the Golf Digest Japan calendar.

Here's a 2005 article about her from the Arizona Republic.