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Paula Creamer Calendar

Back in January of '06, Paula Creamer told Golf Digest she would have her own calendar, saying, "I'm shooting one in the offseason, but it isn't going to be in bathing suits. It's going to be me in my golf clothes."

I've been on the lookout for that calendar, and finally found it featured on the Golf Digest Japan Web site. (From what I've seen so far, the calendar appears to only be fore sale in Japan, although I've also spotted a couple copies on eBay.) And if I could read Japanese, I might actually be able to tell you something about it - such as how to order it and how much it costs.

Actually, I can tell you that it can be ordered here, but you'll have to be able to read Japanese to know what you're doing. And it appears to cost 3,150 yen (around $25).

paula creamer calendar

The image above appears on the Golf Digest Japan site, along with the rest of the images from the calendar, although all are partially covered by that ugly "SAMPLE" label. I have seen some smaller images without the watermark and will post some of those in the coming days. But if anyone has some scans from the calendar or can point me to better images, drop me a line at golfbabesonline - at - yahoo.