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Australian Golf Calendar: Kristie Newton

kristie newton pictures
This is Kristie Newton as she appears in the "Top Shots" calendar - she's Miss June. Kristie also appears on the calendar cover. Newton models when she's not playing golf; on the course, she has played almost exclusively in Australia to this point.

Newton is the daughter of former professional golfer Jack Newton, who played on the Australian, European and American PGA tours back in the 1970s and '80s. Jack Newton was beaten by Tom Watson in a playoff at the 1975 British Open. His career was ended by a horrific accident: he walked into a spinning airplane propellor and lost his right arm, right eye and suffered terrible abdominal injuries. But he still teaches in Australia, where he has the Jack Newton Junior Golf Foundation.

The "Top Shots: Women of Professional Golf 2006 Calendar" can be purchased at Some of the proceeds benefit breast cancer support and others benefit a scholarship fund for the ALPG.