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Paula Creamer Calendar Shots

As promised, a couple shots from the Paula Creamer calendar on sale in Japan:

Paula Creamer Calendar

Back in January of '06, Paula Creamer told Golf Digest she would have her own calendar, saying, "I'm shooting one in the offseason, but it isn't going to be in bathing suits. It's going to be me in my golf clothes." I've been on the lookout for that calendar, and finally found it featured on the Golf Digest Japan Web site. (From what I've seen so far, the calendar appears to only be fore sale in Japan, although I've also spotted a couple copies on eBay.) And if I could read Japanese, I might actually be able to tell you something about it - such as how to order it and how much it costs. Actually, I can tell you that it can be ordered here , but you'll have to be able to read Japanese to know what you're doing. And it appears to cost 3,150 yen (around $25). The image above appears on the Golf Digest Japan site, along with the rest of the images from the calendar, although all are partially covered by that ugly "SAMPLE" label. I

Lisa Ann Horst

Who is Lisa Ann Horst? She's a teaching pro, an LPGA Class A Professional. She says on her Web site , "My comprehensive approach to elevating performance places equal emphasis on swing training, short-game training, mental training, and fitness training." Her recently published instructional book is titled "Golf Training: The Secrets to Effective Practice and a Lower Score (Finally!)." And her site also includes some golf tips you can view on Real Player.

Charlotte Mayorkas

Charlotte Mayorkas was the runner-up on the Futures Tour money list in 2006, earning her playing card on the LPGA Tour for 2007. She won twice on the Futures Tour this past season, and was a three-time All-American at UCLA. Charlotte is going to be writing an "LPGA Tour Diary" on this year. One entry is already posted. You can check it out at .

Kim Lewellen

Kim Lewellen was one of the contestants on "Big Break V," and it appears that she is also a contestant on the reunion show, "Big Break VII." It also appears that she enjoys showing off in a bikini or bathing suit. You would to, if you were in your mid-30s, had a couple kids, and still had a body like that. I was flipping around the TV dial a few weeks back and came across "Golf with Style" on The Golf Channel. Stina Sternberg was hosting some sort of competition among "Big Break" alums, and Kim was one of those competing in this episode. Sure enough, five minutes into the show and Lewellen was in a bikini. See: Kim Lewellen Big Break bio . Also see this gallery of Big Break photos of Kim. Kim is the coach of the East Carolina University women's golf team .

Australian Golf Calendar: Dana Lacey

This is Dana Lacey, who may be the best-known (outside of Australia) golfer featured in the "Top Shots" calendar. That's because she was a cast member on "The Big Break V: Hawaii." You can see her "Big Break" profile here ; her ALPG profile here ; and her Futures Tour profile here . And you can also check out Dana's own Web site . The "Top Shots: Women of Professional Golf 2006 Calendar" can be purchased at . Some of the proceeds benefit breast cancer support and others benefit a scholarship fund for the ALPG. New Ways to Buy Calendar There are a couple new ways to buy the "Top Shots" calendar, both of which make it easier for Americans who would like to purchase. Remember, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this calendar support breast cancer awareness and care, so your purchase will be benefiting a very good and worthy cause. You can now buy the calendar online at It's Alrea

Erica Blasberg - Q-School Grad

Congratulations to Erica Blasberg on making it through the final stage of LPGA Q-School last week. Blasberg finished in a tie for 12th (the Top 15 earned fully exempt status on the LPGA Tour). Blasberg left the University of Arizona early to turn pro, and her rookie year on the LPGA Tour was 2005. She made 11 of 16 cuts that year and finished 109th on the money list. This past year, she also made 16 starts and finished 112th on the money list (although she earned a little more money than in 2005). Maybe 2007 will be breakout year for Erica. She's drawn many comparison to Natalie Gulbis, but so far those comparisons have more to do with modeling and marketing. Hopefully her golf will start eliciting comparison to Gulbis, too. Erica Blasberg on Erica Blasberg official Web site In an interview with, Blasberg revealed that her nickname is "Skip" because on the first day of workouts in her freshman year the golfers were required to do a skipping drill

Sophie Sandolo 2007 Calendar

Another week, another sexy golf calendar. Or so it seems. This time, it's Sophie Sandolo who has her 2007 calendar ready. Sophie's calendars are much more, ahem, revealing that Natalie Gulbis'. In fact, the above photo is one of two from this calendar that I've so far been able to get hold of, but it is the only one of the two I can reprint here. Because the other one includes nudity. Now, as a general rule, I'm strongly in favor of nudity. Some of my best friends are nude. But there's a no-nudity policy at Golf Babes, so you'll have to visit Sophie's Web site to see to see more of her. Ordering instructions for the Sophie Sandolo 2007 calendar are also available on her Web site.

Australian Golf Calendar: Kristie Newton

This is Kristie Newton as she appears in the "Top Shots" calendar - she's Miss June. Kristie also appears on the calendar cover. Newton models when she's not playing golf; on the course, she has played almost exclusively in Australia to this point. Newton is the daughter of former professional golfer Jack Newton, who played on the Australian, European and American PGA tours back in the 1970s and '80s. Jack Newton was beaten by Tom Watson in a playoff at the 1975 British Open. His career was ended by a horrific accident: he walked into a spinning airplane propellor and lost his right arm, right eye and suffered terrible abdominal injuries. But he still teaches in Australia, where he has the Jack Newton Junior Golf Foundation . The "Top Shots: Women of Professional Golf 2006 Calendar" can be purchased at . Some of the proceeds benefit breast cancer support and others benefit a scholarship fund for the ALPG.

Ashley Hoagland

As this is written, Saturday morning, Ashley Hoagland is tied for third at LPGA Q-School finals. She's at 6-under following rounds of 70, 69 and 71. There are two more rounds to go, and only those women who can hang on to Top 15 positions earn fully exempt status on the 2007 LPGA Tour. Ashley is a Florida native and a 2005 Wake Forest graduate. She was an All-American in '05, and turned pro in the middle of that year. At last year's Q-School, she finished 47th to earn non-exempt status on the LPGA Tour, and in 2006 she got into six LPGA tournaments. She also played on the Futures Tour this year, winning the Hunters Oak Futures Golf Classic. You can learn more about Ashley on her Web site, .