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Myrtle Beach Caddy Girls

These are the two founders of a company called Myrtle Beach Caddy Girls. There seem to be a lot of these companies cropping up lately - allowing golfers (presumably male) to hire attractive young women as "caddies" - so they must be successful.

However, unlike many such companies where the "caddies" are really just eye candy, Myrtle Beach Caddy Girls makes sure its employees really know their stuff. It's true that their caddies don't carry bags - perhaps they can be thought of as forecaddies - but this is due mostly to the fact that many Myrtle Beach-area courses do not allow walking.

The women who work for Myrtle Beach Caddy Girls learn the courses they'll be working, employ rangefinders, assist with club selection, repair divots and ballmarks, rake sand traps, and all the other usual duties associating with caddying.

The company has even joined the local business community at the Chamber of Commerce.

Anyway, the two founders are Meghan Tarmey (left) and Carrin Folger. The uniform for Myrtle Beach Caddy Girls consists of a colorful polo, white skirts, and knee socks with white shoes. Personally, I like those short shorts the ladies are wearing in the photo above, which will surprise no one who's read my posts about Shi Hyun Ahn.

Click the Web site link above to learn more about the company, its caddies and how to book a "caddy girl" next time you're in Myrtle Beach.