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Cristie Kerr Following In Natalie's Bikini-Steps?

One thing I've noticed in looking at the search strings through which people are finding Golf Babes is that quite a few people out there are searching for "Cristie Kerr FHM" or "Cristie Kerr Maxim," or other varieties.

Now, I would love to see Cristie Kerr do a photo spread for one of the laddie magazines, following in her good friend Natalie Gulbis' footsteps. But she hasn't done one to this point, and to my knowledge she has no plans to do one.

But perhaps my knowledge is limited (it is in every other area, after all). There must be rumors floating around about a Kerr pictorial to generate these searches. Either that, or a bunch of guys are sitting around randomly searching for combinations of hot golf babes and laddie magazine titles.

So: Has anyone heard rumors about a Cristie Kerr pictorial in one of these magazines?