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Who Wears Short Shorts?

According to Golfweek, LPGA Tour rookie Seon-Hwa Lee wears short shorts.

In the magazine's fashion roundup, it says, "Seon Hwa Lee's short shorts are a bold, but ultimately flawed, sartorial statement. CBS' Mary Bryan had it right: 'The last time we saw hot pants was with go-go boots and Twiggy in the late '70s. That trend better be left there.' "

First of all, Twiggy came along in the late '60s, not the late '70s. More importantly, Seon-Hwa Lee's shorts are not short shorts. They're just shorter shorts.

I tried to find a photo of Seon-Hwa in her shorts, but alas, no luck. But trust me on this: Seon Hwa shorts are a little bit shorter than those worn by anyone else on the LPGA Tour. It's definitely a sexy look - Seon Hwa looks great in those shorts.

But they don't qualify as short shorts. When she bends over to pick up her ball out of the cup, she's not risking exposing something she shouldn't be exposing. So what's the big deal?

Keep wearing those shorts, Seon-Hwa. And the short shirts that expose your tummy when you swing are great, too.