Meet the Women of Golf Channel's 'Altered Course'

The new Golf Channel competition series Altered Course begins on June 15, 2015. We told you a while back about Kristen Kenney, the host and play-by-play announcer for the show (view photos).

And as a refresher about the show format, we'll quote from that earlier post: "Altered Course pits 2-person teams who must showcase their physical fitness as well as their golf prowess. They race against the clock while trying to beat other teams' golf scores, playing across multiple normal golf holes that have been combined into one monster hole."

Today, the Golf Channel announced the 2-person teams that are competing on the show, and three of those teams are made up of women. So let's meet the female cast members on Altered Course:

Milena Savich and Ariana Savich

Yes, they are sisters! Golf Channel has assigned (or maybe the competitors came up with them themselves) hashtags for each team, and the Saviches are #SerbianSisters. Milena and Ariana were both born in Carmel, Ind., but their father is Serbian.

Milena is 25, Ariana 23; both are professional golfers: Milena plays on the Symetra Tour, but Ariana is currently working in the Communications department of the LPGA Tour.

In college, Milena played for the University of Georgia and Ariana the University of Missouri. They have played together as a team before: they represented Serbia in the European Team Championships and the World Amateur Team Championships.

"Can't believe they're putting us on TV together!" Ariana said on Instagram. I can believe it: If they didn't, Milena might have taken someone in a headlock with those impressive guns! Don't get her mad, guys.

Jada Patipaksiri and Amelia Ek

"I am SOOO THRILLED to announce that I am part of a new reality competition series called ALTERED COURSE on the Golf Channel!!" Jade posted on Facebook. "It will feature golf & fitness, and demonstrate mental toughness like you have NEVER seen before."

The hashtag for Patipaksiri and Ek is #TheFrenemies. Why? They've known each other since they were children, which means they grew up trying to beat each other on the golf course. Then there was that time period when Amelia was dating one of Jada's brothers ... hey, it's complicated. Today they are friends and teammates.

Jada, 24, plays on the Symetra Tour and on mini tours, but Amelia, 25, decided this year to move into the corporate world.

Eileen Kelly and Kyla Inaba

Eileen and Kyla are the #CanadianNinjas. We don't know about the ninja part (you never do know about ninjas - until it's too late, eh?), but they are definitely Canadian! British Columbian, to be more exact. Kyla, 28, and Eileen, 27, were college teammates at the University of British Columbia.

"Seriously the most fun and intense ‪#‎golf‬ I have ever played!!" said Eileen on Facebook. (We've featured Eileen on Golf Babes, before, btw.)

Eileen turned pro for Altered Course and is playing minitours in 2015. Kyla is the more experienced pro, and is playing the Symetra Tour in 2015.

For more details about the show, its format and the other teams, see the Golf Channel's Altered Course microsite.

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Annabel Rolley in a Bikini

Yes, Golf Channel instructor/host Annabel Rolley is a beauty. And that means she's done glamour shoots for a golf magazine in the past ... and surely will again in the future. In fact, we know she will, because she said so on Instagram/Twitter:

And what photo did she post to Instagram? It's an image from that 2012 shoot she mentioned with Golf Punk magazine:

More Annabel Rolley pics

Annie Verret, the Beauty with Jordan Spieth

Jordan Spieth is only 21, but he's been with his girlfriend, Annie Verret, for quite a while already. That's because they were high school sweethearts.

Of course, he's now a multimillionaire professional golfer. And she is a recent college graduate. On his Instagram page, Jordan recently shared this photo:

Jordan captioned it, "Really proud of @annie_verret on an extremely successful college career! #shesgoodlooking #morehairthanme" Do you recognize the colors Annie is sporting? They aren't burnt orange (Spieth's University of Texas, although, remember, he left after only a year). They are the red-and-black of Texas Tech. While there, Annie majored in business and carried a 4.0 GPA.

Here's a photo of the pair in late 2013:

And one from mid-2014, on the occasion of Annie's 21st birthday (which makes Verret a cougar - she's a few months older than Spieth):

Here they are as part of the 2013 Presidents Cup team's visit to the White House last year:

And one more of Annie at age 19:

College Star Annie Park Turning Pro

Annie Park is going pro. The University of Southern California star has decided this will be her final season in college. When the current season ends in late May, Park will leave USC and turn pro. She is currently in her junior season.

Park played in LPGA Tour Q-School late last year and earned status on the Symetra Tour. That's where she'll play her first tournaments as a professional golfer in a couple months.

Park just turned 20 years old. She grew up in Levittown, New York, on Long Island, and while in high school played her way into the 2012 U.S. Women's Open.

As a freshman at USC, Park won the 2013 NCAA individual women's championship; she also carded her career-best round of 64 that year. She's a 6-time collegiate winner while at USC. Four of those wins came during the 2012-13 season, tying the school record for most wins in a year. During the current season, Park has a victory at the Windy City Collegiate Championship.

DVR Alert: Holly Sonders Cameos on FOX's 'New Girl'

If you've never seen New Girl on Fox, the sitcom starring Zooey Deschanel, now's your chance: Holly Sonders appears in the episode that airs on Tuesday, April 7, 2015. Sonders let the cat out of the bag on Twitter:

(She was actually a day off - the tweet appeared on Monday, New Girl airs on Tuesdays. It's her first cameo, she's allowed to make a mistake.)

We don't know anything more about Sonders' appearance other than what's in her tweet: It's a cameo (she's not in the episode for very long), and she joins the cast on the golf course. No surprise to see Sonders showing up in a FOX series, really: After all, she left Golf Channel for FOX Sports this year. It makes sense for the network to promote her across its channels. She's certainly a star with the potential to become an even bigger star.

So, to satisfy Sonders' legions of fans, here's a video about Sonders' appearance in's "Most Beautiful Women in Golf 2015" feature:

Instagramming with ... Gina Cellucci

If you follow @golfbabes on Twitter, where we've retweeted her, you might better know Gina Cellucci as "Gina Marie Sophia." That's the name (her middle names) that she uses on social media. Speaking of which, you can follow Gina on:

But just who is Gina Cellucci? You might say she's a hybrid: part fitness babe, part golf babe - all babe.

Gina is a fitness professional who has Titleist Performance Institute certifications and works with a lot of golfers. But more on that in a minute.

A great athlete, Gina grew up playing just about every sport she could find: soccer, softball, basketball, volleyball, tennis, track and field. She later ventured into more extreme sports like wakeboarding, surfing, snowboarding, dirt biking, trail running - she's even played ice hockey and polo.

She went to college at Southern Illinois University, but now lives in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area, where her activities include frequent hikes up Camelback Mountain, and where she embarked on a career as a fitness trainer.

Gina only took up playing golf as she was achieving her Level One certification from the Titleist Performance Institute, a training program that focuses on fitness specific to golfers and the golf swing. And while other sports came naturally to her, Gina says that golf has been her biggest challenge: "Golf has challenged me the most," she told Golf Babes. "I feel that I enjoy golf so much because it is that challenging game that keeps me coming back for more. I am a very naturally competitive person and golf was the perfect game for me to get into and try to master."

And she quickly got her handicap down to 10. A few shoulder injuries have since got in the way of further improvement on the course, but haven't dampened Gina's love of her (relatively) new sport. She plays, she practices, and becoming a golfer herself has certainly helped her help her golf clients.

"I feel that obtaining the knowledge (of golf) and adopting the philosophy of TPI into my personal training has tremendously benefited all the athletes I work with," she said.

Gina has also since moved up to the next level of certification within the TPI program.

"I currently play on the weekends as much as possible, usually with friends like (Arizona Cardinals wide receiver) Michael Floyd and other professional athletes trying to better their golf game in the off season," Gina said. "I also try to get a practice session in here and there during the week. I am not the greatest golfer, but I would consider myself a great golf fitness trainer."

Gina currently trains clients at a private gym in Scottsdale, Ariz., called Premier Fitness Systems. If you're in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area and interested in golf fitness training or other training, you can visit the gym website - - to contact Gina.

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