ESPN The Magazine "Bodies" Issue

espn bodies golfers(Photo by Matthias Clamer/ESPN The Magazine)

There they are: The three golfers who agreed to pose for the "Bodies" issue of ESPN The Magazine, on newsstands in mid-October. They are, from left to right, Sandra Gal, Anna Grzebien and Christina Kim.

Dozens and dozens of other athletes, from all variety of sports (even a sumo wrestler, which, come to think of it, isn't much of a suprise - they compete nearly nude already) posed for the "bodies" issue, most of them posing as our trio of golfers did above: no clothing, but strategically draped arms, hair, and/or props covering up the naughty bits.

And the magazine explores the questions that will arise, particularly about the female athletes who posed (nobody will really care that men posed in this manner), in an article posted online now: For Sale By Owner - How much should female athletes reveal in the name of self-promotion?

More articles and images from the "Bodies" issue are online here on

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