Golf Lingerie

golf lingerie

golf lingerieGolf lingerie? Yep, this golfing lingerie set comes from the designer lingerie boutique Mio Destino, based in the U.K. and "selling the most exquisite pieces from European designers."

Hmmm, I see many golf widows whose future includes this Christmas present from their husbands ...

The company says:

Now nearing the end of development, the brand new Golfing bra and panties set from Mio Destino is the answer for all golf lovers who feel they neglect their lady. This fun and practical new lingerie set incorporates everything you need to 'perfect you swing'!

So the next time your partner asks if you 'fancy a tee?' she won't be putting the kettle on, oh no! She will be opening her lingerie drawer and whipping out the fun new set from Mio Destino that you have bought her.

Ah, those Brits are cheeky! But then, so are these "golfing panties."

The set is priced at UK £300 which is, as I write this, equivalent to about US $525. Visit for more.