Blair O'Neal and Playboy

blair o'neal playboyDon't get too excited - this post is not to announce that Blair is posing for Playboy. She did, however, recently work as a model at Playboy's Super Bowl party. No, that's not a bellhop uniform Blair is wearing in the photo. It's body paint.

She talks about it in a short interview published in the Playboy blog:

"I wasn't going to try to bodypaint(ing) ... But Katie from OneSource models basically told me, "You have to do it! You have a HOT body and blonde hair, they'll love you!" I didn't think my boobs were big enough, but my friend Mary Lou was going to be bodypainted and she convinced me. She was the girl with the blue bottom and red top. I figured if I was ever going to do it for anybody, I should do it for Playboy."