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Valeria Ochoa Calendar

valeria ochoa calendar

I mentioned a couple posts ago that a "Big Break" alum was soon to release a sexy calendar for 2008. And now you know that Big Breaker is Valeria Ochoa.

Above is the cover image from the calendar, below is one of the monthly shots. If you're in the right place, you might run across the calendar in a retail outlet or pro shop. And you might also see it popping up on eBay.

But right now you can order one by from Val's myspace page (NOTE: As I write this, Val's profile is private, so you'll have to send her a friend invitation on myspace before you can view her page and the order links.) The price, including shipping, for a single copy is $20.90. Payment is through PayPal. The calendar also includes the PGA Tour and LPGA Tour schedules.

We'll post a couple more pics from Val's calendar over the coming weeks.

valeria ochoa calendar